Debrett’s honours ORC luminary in Engineering and Technology

The prestigious 2017 Debrett’s 500 of the most influential and inspiring people living and working in Britain today features Optoelectronics Research Centre director, Professor Sir David Payne, for the third consecutive year.

Sir David features in Debrett’s for the far-reaching impact of his team’s invention, the erbium-doped fibre amplifier – “widely regarded as one of the most important developments in modern communications” which “facilitated the internet’s rapid growth through fast transmission and amplification of large amounts of data.”

Professor of photonics and director at the world-renowned Optoelectronics Research Centre, home to the Future Photonics Hub and the Zepler Institute and  at the University of Southampton, Payne also directs the ORC’s Photonics Hyperhighway project, funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), which aims to avert network gridlock caused by applications that use up a lot of bandwidth.

Says David, “This is wonderful recognition of the work of the Optoelectronics Research Centre, one of the leading photonics institutes in the world. Our work has for years focused on creating, improving and expanding the optical fibre internet. Many of the key enabling components are a result of the sustained funding from EPSRC that we have enjoyed over many decades.”

Compiled in consultation with independent expert practitioners and commentators in each of the categories, The Debrett’s 500 was launched in 2014 to identify and celebrate the most influential people in British society. All the people in the Debrett’s 500 are scrutinised for their level of influence in shaping the lives, choices and ideas of others.

Sir David Payne is joined by other luminaries from the University of Southampton’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, among them Professors Dame Wendy Hall and Visiting Professor Liam Maxwell who also feature on Debrett’s list of leaders in Engineering and Technology.

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