Exhibitors: Industry Day 2018

Future Photonics Hub Industry Day 2018

Thursday, 20 September 2018, 09:o0–17:00, University of Southampton

The Future Photonics Hub Industry Day aims to unite the UK’s excellent science base with companies, R&D organisations and funding agencies; showcase the latest research in new, practical and commercial photonics manufacturing technologies; and create opportunities to collaborate in developing innovative solutions to key industrial challenges.

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Advanced Technical Recruitment are a Specialist Technical Recruitment agency.  With over ten years recruiting in the Photonics, Optics, Ultra-High Vacuum and Laser industry, they have a proven track-record in matching candidates with clients and visa-versa.

Based in Torquay, they recruit for vacancies across the UK and Europe and work with a range of clients from start-up to blue chip and pride themselves on providing the best possible recruitment service.

Typical vacancies include: Design & Development Engineers, Applications Engineers, Optical Designers, Physicists, Optomechanical Designers, Sales & Service Engineers, Software Engineers

Aerotech Ltd has specialised in design and manufacture of high-performance motion control and precision positioning systems in use in both the Research and Precision Industrial markets for over 40 years. They provide local andinternational support for demanding applications in photonics, high vacuum, high-throughput production, semiconductor, aerospace and medical industries. To support their credentials in the photonics market sectors, come and visit us on Stand 12 where they would be keen to discuss your needs and requirements.

Alrad Instruments are a provider of high quality scientific equipment to industry and research. Their main product areas cover Machine Vision components, Optical Detectors and Laser Products. Through their three trading divisions, Alrad Imaging, Alrad Electronics and Alrad Photonics , they offer thousands of product items from the world’s leading manufacturers. They also provide installation, demonstration, and product support services.


AMS Technologies are a leading solution provider and value-added distributor of high-tech, leading edge components, with more than 35 years experience and serving more than 2000 European customers. They supply premium components across the optical technology spectrum: laser light sources, detectors, optics, fibre-optics and optical adhesives. They can also accelerate your projects with their design support.

Armstrong Optical is a specialist supplier of optical metrology instruments for both R&D and production.
From Trioptics, this includes interferometers for measuring shape, distance and thickness and instruments for MTF, optical centration, wedge and prism angles and most optical parameters.

From Precitec they supply chromatic confocal sensors and controllers for such applications as glass/plastic thickness measurement, surface topography and distance measurement to sub-micron accuracy. They also supply chromatic vision cameras for simultaneous multi-level focusing.

In addition they are partners with SIOS who manufacture precision laser interferometric measuring systems for use in nano-metrology. They also supply power/frequency stabilised HeNe lasers.
Applications include measurement of length, angles and vibration with ultra-high precision.

CORNERSTONE is a new fabrication capability that provides both active and passive silicon photonic devices at competitive prices and free of charge for UK academia until September 2019. Its multi-project-wafer service offers both industry compatible fabrication and a degree of design flexibility not typically accessible at conventional foundries but which is essential for research and prototyping. CORNERSTONE is led by Professor Graham Reed at the University of Southampton and is supported by a team with a track record of world-leading results and access to the world’s best academic fabrication facilities. In addition to the MPW service, CORNERSTONE also offers bespoke fabrication runs to suit the individual needs of customers. CORNERSTONE is an EPSRC funded project.

CPI works with its partners to develop products and processes that enhance health and well-being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries. In doing so, they support the development of next-generation manufacturing organisations which require highly-skilled jobs, and will result in sustained economic growth for the UK. Their partners operate across diverse markets including Healthcare, Food & Agriculture, FMCG, Electronics, Energy, Transportation and Construction. CPI is able to support such a broad-base of industries through our unique innovation processes, together with a diverse and expanding platform of technological expertise.

CPI is enhancing these capabilities with the construction of the National Centre for Healthcare Photonics opening this Autumn, providing a development and manufacturing facility for optical based medical technology. This new facility will provide advanced development and testing opportunities, including, when required, the use of human tissue samples and radioactive isotopes. The National Centre for Process Innovation will provide an environment optimised for development and pilot manufacturing all within the appropriate certified quality management system.

The National Centre for Healthcare Photonics is facility will complement existing capabilities within CPI such a printing electronics on flexible substrates, and the development and formulation of pharmaceuticals.





The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult is a Not for Profit organisation headquartered in South Wales. It is focused on accelerating the adoption of compound semiconductors and on bringing applications to life. The next wave of emerging applications will have an enormous impact on our lives. 5G communications will enable a host of new and exciting applications such as connected autonomous vehicles and multimedia services. Increasing demand for clean energy will require new electricity networks, while advanced sensing will open-up new opportunities for health diagnostics and security. These developments will be underpinned by compound semiconductor (CS) technologies. The Catapult centres are a network of world-leading facilities designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth. Established by Innovate UK, who provide funding and support for business innovation as part of UK Research and Innovation, Catapults provide access to expert technical capabilities, equipment, and other resources required to take innovative ideas from concept to reality. Catapults are a national asset – no matter where the physical HQ is located they are here to work with businesses and academic institutions around the UK.

The Defence and Security Accelerator’s (DASA)  mission is to create strategic advantage for the United Kingdom through the most innovative defence and security capabilities in the world. We find and fund exploitable innovations which support UK defence and security faster and more effectively whilst creating economic value for the UK. We have cross-government support from departments which include the Ministry of Defence, Home Office, the Department for Transport and the Armed Forces. Our competitions offer a route to turn great ideas into front line usable products and services. We aim to model a new innovation culture, becoming the go-to place for solutions to meet defence and security needs. DASA is committed to working with academia, organisations and individuals to unearth the brightest opportunities.

ELUXI is a specialist photonics distribution company delivering a broad range of products from leading global manufacturers, typically supplied as tailored solutions.

Whether it is lasers, light sources, optics, fibre optics, amplifiers or detectors, come and speak to us to learn more about the best in optomised photonics solutions whether in the form of components, modules or instrumentation.

EXFO (NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) develops smarter test, monitoring and analytics solutions for fixed and mobile network operators, webscale companies and equipment manufacturers in the global communications industry. Our customers count on us to deliver superior network performance, service reliability and subscriber insights. They count on our unique blend of equipment, software and services to accelerate digital transformations related to fiber, 4G/LTE and 5G deployments. They count on our expertise with automation, real-time troubleshooting and big data analytics, which are critical to their business performance. We’ve spent over 30 years earning this trust, and today more than 2,000 EXFO employees in over 25 countries work side by side with our customers in the lab, field, data center and beyond.

IDQ Quantique Ltd helps its customers to guarantee long-term security of their data through quantum-safe crypto solutions, a must for a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionised by quantum physics. Additionally, IDQ provides best-in-class instruments, tools and expertise that enable its customers to solve problems by exploiting the potential of quantum physics.

Inseto (UK) Ltd is a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials to the semiconductor & related ‘advanced technology sectors’ in the UK, Ireland and Nordic Regions.

Their products are available from specialist technology divisions, including:

  • Equipment Division: providing manual to automatic lithography equipment comprising mask aligners, resist coating, developing and cleaning systems, plus semiconductor furnaces, wafer bonders, probing systems, dicing saws and diamond scribing machines, die bonders, wire bonders, plasma cleaning and etching systems, vacuum solder reflow ovens, materials and bond testing equipment etc.
  • Consumables Division: providing semiconductor & silica wafers from our large UK inventory, mask blanks, plus sub-contract wafer bumping grinding & dicing services, in addition to an extensive range of machine tools and materials for microelectronic assembly and packaging.
  • Adhesives Division: provides technically advanced adhesives and equipment for bonding, sealing & encapsulation.

The Company, established in 1987, and ISO-Certified 9001 since 2005 aims to understand, communicate and fulfil the needs of our customers, better than any competitor. They are committed to meeting these requirements through the application of high standards of quality and customer care, by continually investing in training and by adopting a policy of continuous improvement in its company and its people.


King’s College London Photonics & Nanotechnology Group involves the development and applications of advanced photonic technologies and of novel nanomaterials to address modern challenges in photonic and quantum technologies, new nanostructured materials, sensing, imaging and clean energy. The Group adopts an interdisciplinary approach to provide leading-edge research in optical, mechanical and structural properties of nanostructures and nanoparticles.  They combine expertise in nanofabrication, laser science, nonlinear optics, sensing, advanced imaging techniques and numerical modelling.

The research is centered around three overarching themes:

  • Functional nanoparticles and nanostructures
  • Nanophotonics, metamaterials and plasmonics
  • Ultrafast optics and optomechanics

Lambda Photometrics are a leading supplier of characterisation, measurement and analysis equipment, applied to signals from DC to Light. From fundamental materials research to volume manufacture, their consultative approach ensures you receive the best advice and get the best solution for your needs. Representing world leading manufacturers and providing full consultation and application support, they specialise in laser systems and accessories, opticalmetrology, EO&IR test, microscopy, spectroscopy, vision systems, fibre optics, scientific instrumentation and electronic test & measurement solutions.





Laser Components are a global, yet family-run company that employs about 220 people spread over five manufacturing sites around the world.  Their headquarters are located in Munich, Germany.  In terms of their products: the name Laser Components pretty much gives it away. They offer everything from the creation to the guidance to the detection of light in the broadest sense, meaning everything optoelectronics-related at the components level.  They serve many different industries such as laser industry, medical, military, and automotive.  As a manufacturer, they specialise in delivering custom solutions.

Laser Support Services Ltd has been providing high-quality, cost-effective and reliable solutions to Science & Industry for almost 30 years. Our product portfolio continually grows and now hosts products from over 20 suppliers worldwide.

In 2014, Laser Support Services opened a walk-in facility, located at Harwell Campus, offering customers the opportunity to see products in demonstration, off-the-shelf sales, and a space for meeting with experienced engineers to discuss applications and solutions.  They also host regular Q & A sessions and events where customers and suppliers can meet to discuss specific products, create solutions for applications and, in some cases, use equipment before they buy.


Nikon Metrology offers the broadest range of metrology solutions for applications, ranging from miniature electronics to the largest aircraft. Nikon Metrology’s innovative measuring and precision instruments contribute to a high performance design-through-manufacturing process, that allows manufacturers to deliver premium quality products in a shorter time.

OpTek Systems is a global supplier of precision laser micromachining equipment and sub-contract processing services.  Alongside precision engineering processes like micro drilling, cutting, scribing and milling, OpTek pioneered LaserCleave™ for precision laser processing of optical fibers (stripping, cleaving, lensing and fusing), for production termination of advanced fiber optic interfaces and interconnects like optical HDMI/USB4 and the production of optical fibre assemblies, sensors and micro-optical components.

Optical Engineering and Quantum Photonics Group, led by Prof. Peter G.R Smith, includes 10 research fellows and a cohort of active PhD students.  The team specialises in the development and manufacture of novel optoelectronic devices for applications in quantum technology, integrated optical sensors and laser optics. Optical sensors are used in a wide variety of applications and they are developing systems for monitoring aviation fuel, detecting infectious diseases and remote gas detection.  Over the last 15 years they have developed new and enabling sensor technologies for Stratophase, Parker Hannifin, DSTL,Covesion, e2v, NIST and Huawei.

New technologies are being generated to integrate, convert and stabilise laser sources for application in laser displays, DNA analysis, security screening and satellite imaging.

They also develop world leading photonic devices for quantum research.   They are partners in the following projects:

  • Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT), to demonstrate the feasibility of quantum information processing –  engaged in the design and build of networked, hybrid light-matter approach to quantum computing
  • UK nation Quantum Technology Hub – Sensors and Metrology – A project to translate the state-of-the-art quantum sensors from the laboratory into deployable practical devices – integration of  and miniaturise the optical components used to couple light in and out of atom chip systems.

Optomel is a new photonics company, commercialising products and devices enabled by self-organised materials. This approach, compared to traditional vacuum processing, allows sophisticated optical filters to be thinner, lighter and larger compared to existing interference filters – and more scalable to large volumes. They provide a bespoke service to OEMs, integrators and end-users, please come and find out more! Optomel is based on the Southampton University Science Park, Chilworth, UK.

PI (Physik Instrumente) has been one of the leading players in the global market for precision positioning technology for many years and is well known for the high quality of its products. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard and OEM products with piezo or motor drives for 40 years. Continuous development of innovative drive concepts, products, and system solutions and more than 200 technology patents distinguish the company history today. PI develops, manufactures, and qualifies all core technology itself: From piezo components, actuators, and motors as well as magnetic direct drives through air bearings, magnetic and flexure guides to nanometrological sensors, control technology and software.

PI is therefore not dependent on components available on the market to offer its customers the most advanced solutions. The high vertical range of manufacturing allows complete control over processes and this allows flexible reaction to market developments and new requirements. By acquiring the majority shares in ACS Motion Control, a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of modular motion controllers for multi-axis drive systems, PI can also supply customised complete systems for industrial applications that make the highest demand on precision and dynamics.

PI will be exhibiting the FMPA (Fast Multi-Channel Photonics Alignment) system that meets the requirements of parallel optical alignment in several degrees of freedom.

PI-KEM Ltd s a UK based specialist supplier with over 25 years’ experience of providing advanced materials and equipment for science, research and industry:

  • Experts in sourcing niche products for unique research requirements.
  • Small to medium purchase quantities available to fit any budget.
  • Custom manufactured components to exact specifications.
  • Quality, cost effective solutions.
  • A comprehensive range of standard products stocked for immediate despatch.
  • Advice and support from our expert scientific sales team.
  • UK, Europe and Global delivery.

Pro-Lite Technology was formed in 2002 and is a supplier of specialist equipment and services with a technical focus in the following areas of photonics: instruments for measuring light and the optical properties of materials; photometry; lasers and related equipment; opto-mechanics and positioning equipment; optics and optical materials; and spectroscopy and spectral imaging

Products include detectors, lasers, laser safety equipment, nano-positioning equipment, optics, filters, light shaping diffusers, diffraction gratings, opto-mechanics, goniometers and solar simulators.

SPIE is the International society for optics and photonics, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. The Society serves nearly 260,000 constituents from approximately 162 countries, offering world-class conferences such as Photonics West, continuing education, books, scholarly journals, and the SPIE Digital Library, the world’s largest collection of optics & photonics applied research, in support of interdisciplinary information exchange, professional growth, and patent precedent.

SPIE provided more than $4 million in support of education and outreach programs in 2017.

SPI Lasers are a leading designer and manufacturer of premium Pulsed & CW Fiber Lasers for industrial applications such as welding, cutting, marking, drilling, micro-machining and additive manufacturing. Operations can be carried out faster and more accurately with an SPI Laser for better reliability, less waste and improved productivity. The product portfolio covers countless application process areas across a wide range of industries including automotive, electronics and the medical device sectors. SPI Lasers innovative technology solves manufacturing problems; it moves the boundaries of what is possible, making good products better and enabling new design and innovation.

SPI Lasers is a wholly owned subsidiary of the TRUMPF group and sells its products globally, has its major business operations, including research and development, and manufacturing in the UK, USA and Asia, as well as worldwide sales and customer support.

Drawing on over 40 years expertise, SPI Lasers also provides post-sales technical support, staff training and sample processing in our own specialist applications laboratories.

Thermal Vision Research Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and consultants for thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging systems for use in research, development and Automation. Their thermography solutions include market-leading thermal cameras.
As well as advising on the best thermal imaging equipment for your application, they can also provide appropriate software. From NDT (non-destructive testing), composites research, micro-electronics, paper processing, automotive, plastics, injection moulding, consumer appliance design, telecommunications, target heat signatures, mechanical testing, R&D and pure science applications, you’ll find Thermal Vision Research Ltd has the thermal imaging answer you need.

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