Industrial Liaison Manager: Dr John Lincoln

Dr John Lincoln specialises in brokering partnerships in the photonics sector and evaluating new market opportunities leveraged by optoelectronic technology. John has over 20 years experience in the laser and optics industry and has evaluated the full range of photonic applications from semi-conductor inspection, materials processing, sensing, telecommunications and displays.

John maintains close contact with those developing the latest photonics innovations, from basic components to complex systems. He has previously delivered government level assessments of the impact of all photonics technologies on the European economy and maintains close contact with the European Commission and UK funding bodies.

As well as providing industrial liaison services for the Hub, John manages the South of England Photonics Network, a trade association for organisations in the South of the UK involved in Photonics. He has operated his own business development and marketing consultancy, Harlin Ltd since 2006. John has MBA from the University of Exeter, a PhD in Physics from the University of Southampton and a BSc in Physics from Edinburgh University.

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